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This Ninth Edition on American of the Star Wars Celebration brought us to Chicago; the month of April finds us with a spring that still misses the cold and makes us feel it!

ReedPop once again was in charge of the organization of the event, as often happens on this mega event for the fans of the most successful film Saga everything was very well organized.

The Convention Center (McCormick) is very close to the Chicago Center; It has all kinds of facilities and amenities in a space that creates me is enormous!

The event itself had more than 400 positions (counting sales and exhibitions) panels of the most varied type that many times were given in simultaneous not leaving free time to the visitor and this having to choose; this edition instead of 4 days extended to 5, being the last day the weakest in concurrence; but believe me that every day I explode of people, the place so wide and the activities did that there is no crowding.

As for the highlighs of this edition, was the panel of the 20 years of Episode 1, the announcement of the title of the next installment of the saga (Rise of Skywalker) and the projection of the first Teaser.

There were several exclusive toys of the biggest companies (Hasbro, Funko, Lego, etc) worse unlike other editions a new lottery system was implemented; had to sign up and see if one was lucky enough to be chosen to have the option to buy them, this eliminated the big lines and the desperation of the visitors but increased the frustration of many (the majority) because you can not even have the chance , something in which they will have to work, but apparently it will continue like this in the immediate future.

It should be noted that this same lottery system was applied to the main panels, where everyone wanted to be but the places were limited so most of them should settle for following the same from the screens.

A new Celebration left, it maintains its quality until then ... maybe it's more of the same?, Not many exhibitions and those that were already showed previously, in short I left with the feeling that there are not many new things to show except the enthusiasm of the fans for the Saga that we all adore.-

The next one breaking the tradition of the last ones is the coming year and not every two as it has been happening lately, it will be in California (Anaheim) in the month of August 2020


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