This is a perfect Body Suit for your Bat Heroe Costume , based on the original models using by Adam on the popular 60´s TV show

This Costume have standarts sizes or can be tailored at your own measures , made by hand by my expert workshop (like the originals one)

Body Suit are maked in Spandex Lycra with the correct grey color, the design is in two pieces (like the original) , Chest Logo (included) are made on vinyl laser cut with special clear PVC sheet to give them more resistence.-

The design - exclusive to Evolution Props - is based on a wide variety of reference materials, consultation with knowledgeable collectors of Bat props and access to the original props. Rest assured, citizen, you'll receive the most exact replicas possible. 

Don´t miss the chance to get the Best Body Suit for your 60´s Super Heroe Costume !!!

 Standart Sizes avaibles: S - M - L - XL - XXL


Neck (Circunsference) 20 19 18 17
Shoulders (Point to Point) 24 21 20 19
Chest (Circunsference) 49 41 38 36
Waist (Circunsference) 52 47 44 41
Hip (Circunsference) 54 49 46 44
From Waist to Foots (Point to Point) 43 43 42 41
From Shoulders to Wrist (Point to Point) 26 25 24 24

Batman 1966 Adam West Bodysuit Replica Prop