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These are a perfect Jumpsuit for your SW Bounty Hunter Costume

This Jumpsuit are perfect Screen Accurate ,Carefully made by hand for my expert workshop (like the originals one)

Maked on First quality fabric with an special Reinforced seams (We dont use second class or any cheap fabric ) 


Standart Sizes avaibles: S - M - L - XL - XXL


Neck (Circunsference)20191817
Shoulders (Point to Point)24212019
Chest (Circunsference)49413836
Waist (Circunsference)52474441
Hip (Circunsference)54494644
From Waist to Foots (Point to Point)43434241
From Shoulders to Wrist (Point to Point)26252424

Jango Fett Premium Flightsuit / Jumpsuit Style Costume

  • Pre-Order Item

    Construction time is arround 2 or 3 weeks ( Usually Less )

    Shipping Cost is not Included 

    I ship by airmail service with tracking number

    Returns are not accepted 

    If you have any question please contact me

  • All shipping costs are calculated automatically according to the weight of the item; If you buy more than one we will consolidate all in one package and we will adjust the shipping rate by returning part of it once sent

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